Remembering Eddie

With sad hearts we say good bye to a good friend, Edward “Eddie” Stegeman. A past employee of over 50 years retiring in 2004. He is remembered as having all the energy in the world. Eddie was friendly and helpful to everyone here at Elcar. Other members of his family worked here from time to time but Eddie always remained. He loved the company and was proud of his job just as we were thrilled to have such a wonderful member of the Elcar family.

His primary role over the years was as an installer of chain link fencing. The job required strength and skill. It’s not as easy as some may think to get that material straight and tight. Isn’t that amazing he was able to perform such a physical job for so many years!

Winston Vanderwall and Eddie worked together putting chain link fencing up around most of the original microwave stations from the Canadian to the Mexican border. They would take supplies and leave for a month at a time. Winston called him Fast Finger Eddie because he could do the connections to the post so quickly. The founder, Bud Ellerby, and Eddie were responsible for one of the largest jobs the company has had in Colorado. It was for the Denver Water Department; fencing in the lake and waterway in the Cabin Creek-Guanella Pass area. Over a quarter of a million dollar job in the 60’s.

He was also part of the Pit Crew for the Elcar race car #54. The picture is of Eddie, on the right, when they raced for Elcar at Lakeside Raceway many years ago. The founder of Elcar, Bud Ellerby, sponsored the car in a couple of different forms over the years. Once again, Eddie’s energy and willingness to contribute made for many successful adventures.

Although the situation for the get together was sad it was great to see so many old friends at Eddie’s funeral. Our sympathy to his family and friends.