Quality and Standards

All of our Cedar is #1 Grade, Western Red Variety with a published life expectancy of 25 years (not to be confused with a “Western, Incense, Inland or White” Cedar which has a life expectancy of 8 years and is about the only type of cedar available at your local home improvement centers.)

Fence construction is performed by hand with hot dipped galvanized nails. The use of nail guns have never been permitted by Elcar as they often drive the nail too deep into the picket and the quality of nails used in nail guns is unacceptable for outdoor use. The top and bottom rows of nails are installed using a chalk line so that each and every nail is in a complete, uniform line.

Each picket is installed using a bubble level to ensure that it is perpendicular to the ground. All posts are set 2 1/2 feet into concrete, which we allow to cure thoroughly. The average distance between posts is 7 ft. which creates a much stronger and longer lasting fence.

All gates are hung on a 4×6 post for maximum performance. All hinges are installed by first drilling all the way through the post; then using carriage bolts, nuts and washers to fasten them into the proper location. This makes a serviceable gate for many years to come. All gates are built using a “double Z” frame for maximum strength. 48” and shorter uses a “single Z.”